Alaska Sketchbook

ALASKA SKETCHBOOK.8 1/2″ x 11″. 224 pages. ISBN 1-56523-142-2. Softcover. Sketchbook contains Doug’s newest art and photographs as well as a section from the original Sketchbook and Sketchbook #2 (“Best-sellers” – over 150,000 sold! – now discontinued / replaced by this NEW sketchbook). $29.95
Sketchbook is now published in an “easier to use” reference format for artists, carvers, etc.
Sketchbook contain 100’s of drawings, paintings and color photographs of Alaska with the primary emphasis on wildlife.
The book is a valuable teaching aid for art and nature classes, and contains Alaskan wildlife maps. Biological information provided by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. A “must” for schools and libraries.
Sketchbooks are AUTOGRAPHED (retail only) by author. Sourdough Studio will also send books to your friends and loved ones and include a card with your name attached.