Ordering and Pricing Information

Ordering (Wholesale)

  • To qualify for these “wholesale” prices you must meet these minimums:
  • BOOKS: 6 book minimum (ANY COMBINATION of titles totaling 6 is OK).
  • ART PRINTS: 12 Prints minimum (ANY COMBINATION of prints).
  • NOTE CARDS / CHRISTMAS CARDS: 12 pack minimum (ANY COMBINATION of card packs totaling 12 is OK).
  • PHOTOGRAPHIC PRINTS: 6 Print minimum (ANY COMBINATION of prints).
  • ALASKA CALENDARS: 12 Calendar minimum for wholesale prices.
  • See “POSTAGE INFORMATION” for shipping costs and instructions. Remember, all wholesale orders must be sent to one address only.
  • See (Wholesale Order Form) for prices

Ordering (Retail)

  • All retail-order books ordered from Sourdough Studio are autographed by artist.
  • See “POSTAGE INFORMATION” for shipping costs and instructions.
  • Sourdough Studio will also send products directly to your friends and loved ones with a card enclosed indicating your gift.
  • See (Retail Order Form) for prices


*** Add $6 for postage, etc. (1st book).
Add $3 EXTRA for each additional book.

Alaska Sketches (Art Prints)
Add $8 for postage, etc. 1 ~ 6 art prints.
*** Add $3 EXTRA for each additional 6 prints.

Note and Christmas Cards
*** Add $5 for postage, etc. 1 ~ 4 packages.
*** Add $5 EXTRA for each additional 6 packages (any combination of cards).

Photographic Prints
*** No postage necessary as airmail postage has already been added to print price.

Alaska Calendars
*** Add $5 for postage, etc. for 1 or two calendars.
*** Up to 20 calendars can be sent for $10.95 total postage. (See Wholesale Order Form)

*** All prices listed are for U.S. currencies only. All other countries please adjust according to current exchange rates and additional postage requirements.
*** Check or Money Orders only please. (Payable to Sourdough Studio).
No credit cards or C.O.D’s.
30 days net credit to our established wholesale customers only.
Send postage listed and a refund will be sent to you for any overpayment.


For convenience, use one of the following order forms:

Wholesale Order Form Retail Order Form

Fill out and mail with payment.

TO: Sourdough Studio
P.O. Box 92205
Anchorage, Alaska 99509

(907) 563-2568 Phone
(907) 563-4456 Fax